24-Hour / 365-Days Dispatch / ATM Monitoring Center

Nationwide Installation
ATM Solutions provides all of the ATM installations of the ATM Cash Vault Solution, provided by Sarge Technologies, Inc.

First & Second Line Maintenance
ATM Solutions employs highly trained personnel to keep your ATMs in excellent working condition.

About ATM Solutions, Inc.           ATM Solutions, Inc. was established in 1994 as an ATM cash replenishment and maintenance company. Today provides clients a single source for consistent and reliable ATM replenishing and services nationwide. ATM Solutions' Corporate Headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. ATM Solutions is guided by principles of quality, integrity, and commitment.



                                       Back Service Dept



Armored Car Cash Replenishment
Allow trained, armed, and uniformed professionals to re-supply your ATMs. Computerization of balancing records permits timely and accurate tracking of funds.

Deposit Envelopes - Collection/Processing/Delivery
ATM Solutions will retrieve, process, and deliver your deposit envelopes.


Night Depository - Pickup/Processing/Delivery
Armed professionals will handle all of your remote depository pickup needs.

Courier Service
Limit concerns and liabilities through the escort of funds by trained security personnel.