Triton has been a trusted name in the business world, providing reliable and affordable products, for more than 20 years. Today, We stands behind the Triton line of ATM products specifically designed for the ATM Cash Vault Solution

FT 5000 through the wall ATM
For years, the ATM industry has trusted Triton for innovative technology that's practical and cost efficient, and Triton has delivered again with the FT5000, a versatile through-the-wall ATM that offers high performance for a surprisingly low investment.  The embedded PC-based FT5000 includes Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP), rear access, and full ADA and Triple DES compliance.

                                  Why we use Triton ATM's                                For the most reliable and highest quality ATMs, nothing beats a Triton. Built from the ground up to provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the marketplace. Triton continues to set new standards with innovative features and support after the sale. Additionally, Triton is known throughout the industry as a leader in the area of regulatory compliance. Triton makes sure that the ATM’s meet all current and proposed regulations, so compliance will never be an issue.  Simply  “The Best Choice” for the ATM Cash Vault Solution.

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RL 5000 Free Standing ATM         Triton's embedded PC-based RL5000 has changed the way people think about ATMs. This model offers a stunning  10.4 inch LCD display and a long list of value-added transactions. This model’s popularity is due in part to the innovation made possible by Intel XScale ®, an advanced embedded PC platform that enables a new level of high-performance and hassle-free operation. It’s also the preferred model for limited space installation.